Little GG Capital is a family-owned investment holding company established to engage in a broad range of investment activities. 

Our family capital provides flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes.

Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of high potential investments  positioned for long term growth and success.

Little GG Capital is actively seeking investment opportunities and we  encourage you to contact us about any potential opportunities to serve as your capital partner.

How We Work

Our family capital creates value by:


By eliminating bureaucracy, we are able to move quickly and be responsive.


Our capital allows us to invest in any portion of the capital structure, including debt. 

Sector Constraints

We have the ability to invest in any industry or sector without concentration limits

Investment Horizon

We are able to offer maximum value by not mandating hold periods.

Providing Opportunities

We are able to consider unconventional opportunities and can provide flexible structures appropriate for your specific capital needs.

Little GG Capital seeks to deploy capital across multiple sectors where we can leverage our business and financial network